Current Positions

Pittsburgh, PA | Squirrel Hill

Start Date:  June 8th, but open to waiting for the perfect nanny! 

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM. Guaranteed 45 hours/week. Date Nights would be an added bonus for these parents and additional hours for the nanny. 
Children: 22-Month-Old Girl
Hourly Rate: $21-24/hour
Pets:  None
Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all holidays that fall on a workday. 
Flu Shot Required, Up-to-date on CPR and First Aid Certifications
WHO: Newly transplanted to the Pittsburgh area, this darling family of three is excited about their new city and is seeking an experienced and dependable nanny to take care of their almost 2-year-old! 
WHAT: Having recently left New York City, this beautiful family is hoping for a nanny who is active, social, and independent. Their sweet toddler is easy-going, so loveable, and enjoys being on the go! She would benefit from a nanny who is proactive in pursuing play-dates with family members (cousins and grandparents!) who live locally, is creative in interactive play and not dependent on screens, and loving and gentle! She loves to be outside, and is excited about having a nanny join her on her adventures as she continues to learn about the world. Her parents would love a nanny who is reliable and dependable by being on time, communicative, and attentive. They would love a partner as they begin potty training, and someone who is able to teach their little one as they explore playing together. They ask for assistance with the toddler’s laundry, easy meal prep, and help running small errands. 
YOU:  Are an experienced nanny who is seeking an amazing family to work for! You’re kind, creative, and have no problem taking the initiative when it comes to finding things to do together with your tiny charge. There is no doubt in your mind about top safety and care, and you’re confident that you’re able to take on all duties as Mom and Dad work from home! You’re able to commit for at least a year, and are looking to start ASAP. 

Pittsburgh, PA | Cranberry Township

Start Date: ASAP, but open to waiting for the right person

Hours: 8 am – 6 pm; 3 day weekdays per week with preference given to nannies who can help an additional 2 Saturdays per month. Not required.
Children: Newborn baby boy 
Hourly Rate: $20-22/hour
Pets:  1 loveable senior dog
Paid Vacation: Standard. Two weeks paid, personal days, and paid holidays.

Flu shot required

WHO: Down to earth and warm, these two soon-to-be first-time parents excitedly await their new baby and are hoping for a gentle and attentive nanny to assist for 3 days a week. 

WHAT: Their journey to becoming a family of 3 has taken many twists and turns, but Mom and Dad joyfully welcomed their son at the end of January! They would appreciate someone experienced in infant care, as they anticipate having questions and needing encouragement as they embark on parenthood. They welcome your help and guidance, as well as ask for assistance with the new baby’s laundry and small errands. In the future, they are open to you driving around with their little one to parks and museums, going on walks and getting outside in the fresh air together. While Mom stays at home, they have extended family with health issues that she routinely helps out with that will pull her away; please be flexible to possibly stay later in the event of a family emergency. 

YOU:  Experienced and compassionate, you are very familiar with the newborn/infant stage and are ready to jump on board and help these waiting parents with all you’ve got! You’re cheerful and kind, loving and sincere and have no problem focusing all your attention on the matter at hand… a new, long-awaited for, baby!
Pittsburgh, PA | Mars

Start Date:  ASAP but willing to wait for the right fit 

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. Guaranteed 40 hours/week. 
Children: 2 Kids, 2 & 5 Years Old
Hourly Rate: $20/hour
Flu Shot NOT Required, CPR & First Aid Certifications Required
Pets: None

Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, two week’s paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all holidays that fall on a workday. 

WHO: *A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Return Family!* The kindest professionals are seeking a nurturing, committed, long-term nanny for their 2 precious kids!
WHAT: With busy careers, family, traveling, and maybe a dog in their future, these two wonderful parents are hoping for an experienced nanny who will jump on board and keep their kids occupied and happy! They live in a fabulous walking neighborhood which is perfect for playdates, exploring the zoo, museum, and parks. Don’t forget your swimsuit–they also have a pool membership for those hot summer days! This family values previous nannying experience; someone who is able to balance creative fun with guided boundaries, good manners, love, and care. Come fall when school starts, they also ask for assistance with the children’s laundry, errands, meal prep and cooking, and tidying up after a fun-filled day at home. A sample schedule will be as follows: Monday – 9 am – 5:30 pm; Tuesday – 9 am – 4:30 pm; Wednesday – 9 am – 5:30pm; Thursday – 9 am – 4:00 pm (there will be one Thursday a month in which Mom has a board meeting and will not be able to relieve the Nanny until 5 pm); Friday – 9 am – 4:30 pm (Dad works from home every other Friday and will be able to relieve the Nanny at 4 pm on those weeks). Mom also travels for work and plans on also offering OT hours which will be discussed together with their nanny.
YOU: Have had previous nanny/household management experience, are professional in your communication and behavior, and are cool-headed and calm! You’re confident in your pool skills and swimming ability, are reliable, fun, and organized. You enjoy all things imaginative and fun, from dancing together to creating the best train track on the block! You’re seeking a long-term family with which you can learn and grow (think 3+ years), and are confident your previous nanny history will only add more joy to their home!
Pittsburgh, PA | Mount Lebanon 

Start Date:  ASAP

Hours: 35 Hours Guaranteed, 3-4 Days/Week, 7:30AM/8AM Start Time 
Children: 3 Kids, 5, 3, and Newborn, although it’s rare nanny would have all 3 children at a time as mom is around and big kids will be at school
Hourly Rate: $20-23/hour (option for higher with the right candidate)
Flu Shot Required, CPR & First Aid Certifications
Pets: 2 Senior Dogs and 1 very friendly Cat

Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all holidays that fall on a workday. 

WHO: The most fabulous Mom and Dad are seeking an experienced mother’s helper/household manager for a minimum of 35 hours a week. *This family has adhered to strict social distancing and is seeking a nanny who is being intentional about COVID precautions*. 
WHAT: Three precious, well-behaved kids and their joyful Mom are hoping for a proactive, personable, and positive nanny to join them as summer arrives and we head into fall. This family loves to be on the go, and once restrictions are lifted, you’ll be able to take advantage of all their passes to head to our city’s museums and parks with the kids, as well as the country club to hang out at the pool (a confident swimmer is a must). When you’re home, they would love their nanny to be creative in play, baking together, bringing craft ideas and resources to stimulate even the tiniest mind! Come fall, Come fall, when they are more comfortable with the current situation, the family will revisit part-time preschool for the boys to get more socialization. When you’re home, they also ask for assistance with meal prep, tidying up, laundry and the dishes. In the future, Mom may return to work one day/week. Dad will travel a few nights a month and is hoping the nanny can be flexible to stay a little later to help settle everyone down. This family would love a nanny for a minimum of a year, ideally longer. 
YOU: You don’t need to be told twice to get anything accomplished; by nature you take the initiative whether it’s seeing what needs to be done around the house or making up snacks before someone shouts “I’m hungry!”. You’re kind, cheerful, and longing to be part of a bustling family system where love and activities abound. You’re also an excellent swimmer, a safe driver with a clean record, and are open to the possibility of travel and overnight stays (how exciting!).
Pittsburgh, PA | Regent Square

Start Date:  Early June

Hours: Minimum Required: When the kids are NOT in school, including known teacher days off etc: 9:00-6:00 M-F (45 hr/wk). 
When the kids are in school: 1:00-6:00 M-Th, 9:00-6:00 F (27 hr/wk)
Up to 3 overnights/year (could even compromise on this for the right person)
Children: 2 Kids, 3 & 5-Years-Old 
Hourly Rate: $19-24/hour
Flu Shot Preferred
Pets: 1 Cat

Paid Vacation: One week + 3 days paid nanny’s choice, two week’s paid family’s choice, 8 holidays. 

WHO: *Return to EWN family!* We placed a phenomenal nanny with this family a couple of years ago, but she’s moving states! This fantastic family of four is vibrant, joyful, and one of the best to work for. They are seeking a long-term nanny (3+ years). 
WHAT: Both Mom and Dad anticipate working from their respective home offices until the end of this year and would love a level-headed, calm, and resourceful nanny to jump right in with their two amazing sons. These 2 boys function best with a nanny who can integrate their days with things to do, places to go, and people to see! They enjoy exploring the outdoors, swimming during the summer months, and heading to our fantastic museums. When at home, they love to blend those outings with plenty of stuff like imaginative play, reading,and listening to music.
Once fall-time comes and (hopefully) school returns to its normal rhythm, they’ll offer a different hourly schedule but would give more hours for household management. An example of this would be: errands, bringing in car for inspection, groceries, meal prep, meal planning, general food prep (washing and cutting fruits and veggies), laundry, scheduling / being present for contractors, organizing, deck/porch maintenance cleaning (sweeping, wiping down chairs, etc), random house cleaning projects (wash curtains, e.g.).    They are flexible and sincerely want the best for both their family and you! 
YOU: Are a confident, patient, and communicative nanny who has had previous experience working with preschoolers and kindergarteners. You’re a safe driver with your own vehicle and a valid driver’s license. Nothing seems to faze you; while being organized and kind, you’re also the go-with-the-flow type who loves crafting full-days of learning and play! 
Pittsburgh, PA | Upper St Clair 

*Almost Filled*

Start Date:  ASAP but open to waiting for the right person even if it takes a couple of months

Hours: 20-24 hours/week (negotiable). Mom works shift hours and will know her schedule one month in advance. Work hours will vary between Monday- Thursday, 7:30 AM- 5 PM. Dad can arrange his schedule to be home by 4 PM. Most days the nanny will work a 4 or 8 hour shift, two to four days a week.
Children: 2, 3.5 and 5 Years Old
Hourly Rate: $20-22/hour
Flu Shot Required
Pets: 1 Dog

Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid  family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days and holidays that fall on a workday

WHO: *Another wonderful return family!* Fantastic and bustling, Mom and Dad both work in the medical field and would love a professional and long-term nanny to join their family ASAP. 
WHAT: The three sweetest kids on their block are hoping for a very long-term nanny to sign up for this summer and their futures! They live in a safe neighborhood where there are plenty of opportunities for playing outside, riding their bikes, and exploring the city’s beautiful parks! When at home, they love learning new crafts, story time, dance parties, and melding creative fun with learning. When things open back up, parents have a minivan so you can drive around to Pittsburgh’s museums, libraries, and the USC rec center. This family thrives on structure, love, and patience, and is hoping for a nanny that will want to be a part of their family. Come fall-time, the eldest will be in ½ school. Other household duties would be children’s laundry, easy, gluten-free meal prep, and simply tidying up after a busy day together.
Mom is an emergency medicine physician so the right person will need to be comfortable with this during COVID-19 and be willing to have open discussions should the nanny have concerns. They are taking precautions in their home and ask the nanny to do the same. Dad is a psychologist, currently doing tele-therapy from the home office, but has offices downtown and in the South Hills. 
YOU: An experienced, creative, and nurturing career nanny, you are searching for a family for the long haul! You are a natural-born teacher who enjoys watching children learn and grow through play and experience. You are able to do the right thing during an emergency and feel comfortable in that role. A background in childhood education would be a plus, as they have a soon-to-be kindergartner and two toddler/preschoolers as part of their crew but is not required.

Pittsburgh, PA | Plum (Murrysville)

Start Date:  ASAP but open to waiting for the right person

Hours: At least 40 hours/week, family is open to 60 hours/week. 6:30 AM Start Time. 
Children: 3 Kids; 1, 3 and 6 Years Old
Hourly Rate: $22-28/hr
Pets: 1 Cat

Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid  family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days and holidays that fall on a workday.

WHO: This busy brood is seeking an amazing, full-time, experienced nanny to join their family ASAP!
WHAT: Professional parents with 3 awesome kids are hoping for a career nanny who loves to hang at home and take advantage of all it has to offer! They have the dream house for kids– huge, fun-filled basement is filled with toys, crafts, and everything for playing make-believe, while their big backyard is supplied with a pool for summertime fun! Meanwhile, their kid-friendly neighborhood is the perfect spot for bike rides and electric cars! Once trust is established, this family is open to the nanny driving their kids around to museums, parks, and playdates. The ideal nanny is someone whose top priority is their kids, who can take the initiative on planning fun projects and crafts, baking new recipes together and science experiments! When down-time at home is on the schedule, they’d be grateful for your assistance with the dishwasher, keeping things tidy, and easy kid-friendly meal prep.
Parents are open to their nanny working five 8,10, or 12 hour days (your choice!). This summer, you’ll be tag-teaming with their current nanny 3 days a week with overlapping hours, as the parents busy-season is summertime! Once the fall arrives, you’ll still be guaranteed FT hours. 
YOU: Energetic, playful, and loving, your top priority are these kids! An excellent swimmer is preferred but not required. You’ve had extensive experience working with kids and are well-versed in creativity, patience, and keeping things moving! You’re seeking a full-time, long-term position starting ASAP and are willing to commit for at least a year.

Pittsburgh, PA | Green Tree

Start Date:  ASAP but open to waiting until June.                                                                                           

Hours: At least 5 hours/day. Once schools and businesses reopen, the family will offer 40 hours/ week. More details below! 

Children: 2 Kids, Ages 3 & 5 Years Old
Hourly Rate: $17-19/hour
Pets: None

WHO: The sweetest Mom, a business owner, and Dad, an ER physician, are seeking a flexible and loving nanny for their 2 amazing kids!  

WHAT: Due to COVID-19, Mom’s hours are being ironed out as businesses are slowly allowed to reopen. At this time, the family can offer 5 hours a day before Mom returns to work, then when Mom resumes working they can offer full-time hours, this fantastic family is seeking about 40 hours a week until the children start school again. When the children are in school, they’d love about 5 hours a day from 1-6 pm, but they can add additional cleaning hours or weekend hours if the nanny is interested. 

YOU: As life attempts to return to normal slowly but surely, these adorable kids are hoping for a nanny who will engage in creative play, dance parties, and outside time together. You’re an experienced nanny with a safe driving record, and you’re willing to work together with this family as they figure out new schedules and rhythms. If you’re available to start immediately, let us know NOW!

Pittsburgh, PA | Murrysville, PA

Start Date: Early June

Hours: This summer; Guaranteed 45-50 hours week, 7AM-5:30 PM.
During the school year, the nanny will come early mornings before school, 6AM/7AM, and then after school hours until 6PM. School year hours will be paid at 40 hours/week, although most weeks nanny will work 30-35 hours. The nanny will typically have one weekday off each week during the summer and the school year. 
Children: 3 Kids; 8-Years-Old, and 6-Year-Old Twins
Hourly Rate: $18-20/hour
Pets:  None
Flu Shot Required

Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid  family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days and holidays that fall on a workday.

WHO: Stellar family is seeking a long-term, experienced nanny to grow and adventure with their family for the next 10 years!

WHAT: An amazing opportunity for the right nanny, this fun and exciting family is hoping to hire ASAP. This summer, you’ll have all 3 kids, and we can guarantee your days will be full of laughter, joy, and so.much.swimming! Family has a pool and is hoping their nanny is a confident swimmer. Mom and Dad, both professional and generous, are hoping for a nanny that encourages getting out and about to do activities like going to museums, the zoos, and our beautiful parks Their sweet crew also love to bake together, and enjoy learning new crafts, so get your favorite Pinterest boards ready!  They would also appreciate assistance with the children’s laundry, kid meal prep, and general household tidiness. These kids thrive on a schedule, and learn best from excellent examples surrounding them and gentle guidance on good manners, treatment of others, and respecting one another. This family also offers a nanny minivan so you’re able to do all the things, both fun–like playdates and zoo outings!–, to the necessary, like doctors and dentist appointments. This family also hopes for a nanny who is available to assist when Mom and Dad are on call (schedule will be  known ahead of time), as well as the occasional weekend (to be compensated accordingly). 

YOU:  Ever the career nanny, you’re searching for a long-term family with which to dedicate your time and energy! You’re a safe driver, have excellent common sense and judgement, are organized, crafty, loving and kind. You’re a confident and strong swimmer, and are able to do it all with a cool and level head. These parents are seeking their very own version of Mary Poppins, and we believe that they’ll love her and treat her with excellence as she takes care of their kids. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, apply today!

Pittsburgh, PA | Upper St Clair then moving to Wexford in 6-12 months

Start Date: May 2020, but open to waiting for the right nanny

Hours: Minimum 30 hours a week, however, open to guaranteeing 40 hours a week. 8 am – 6pm, three or five weekdays per week.
Children: 1 and 3 year old girls
Hourly Rate: $18-23/hour; family is open to giving a health stipend, 401k.  They want the best nanny for their family and will provide financially for the right nanny.
Pets:  No pets
Paid Vacation: Standard. Two weeks paid, personal days, and paid holidays.
WHO: All parents love their children and want the best for them (it’s why we do what we do!) but this family is seeking the absolute gold standard when it comes to finding a nanny for their little love! Laid back and kind, this dad is hoping to find someone who will stay with them long term, and promise to offer flexible hours, competitive pay and benefits. He’s open to a 1-2 year commitment, but also would welcome a nanny to join their family for the next 15 years. 

WHAT: When we sat down to talk, this precious family is wide open to accommodate you and your needs, in hopes that you’ll be willing to commit to them long term, becoming an indispensable part of their family unit. They anticipate you becoming another parent; loving on, guiding, and growing with their beautiful children. When we asked some of their ideal characteristics in a nanny, they responded that they’d like someone easy to talk to and communicate with and someone who has common sense. They hope you’re a safe driver, as they have a separate nanny car (!) for you to take their girl to gymnastics, parks, museums, and on all the adventures!  They also offer a live-in position (if you want). 

They can offer either FT or PT weekday hours.  When the girls are with their mom, dad is happy to offer hours to the nanny to be an extra pair of hands in all things household management! This is not required, but optional hours. An example of this would be vacuuming, cleaning and dusting, laundry, picking and tidying up, dish duty and healthy meal preparation. They truly would love the absolute best fit for both you and them, and will work together with you to create the ideal situation. 

YOU:  This is your dream job, this is your dream family. We want you to fall head over heels in love with these special, sweet girls.  Ideally, you’d have a college degree, though not required, are sweet and gentle, a go-getter and are able to anticipate what needs to be done. You love kids and hope to provide your best assistance. This family is seeking their long-term nanny, & we also hope you’re seeking your long-term family, as they ensure that you’ll be a very welcome addition and will compensate you accordingly.

Pittsburgh, PA | Squirrel Hill

Start Date:  Open to a start date anytime this summer

Hours: 35-40 Hours Guaranteed with options for more

Children:  6-month-old and 3.5 -Year-Old
Hourly Rate: $19-23/hour, with possibility to go higher for the right individual. 
Pets: None
Paid vacation: One week paid of nanny’s choice, one week paid of family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days and holidays that fall on a work day.

Required: Flu Shot and updated TDAP 

WHO: Fantastic family is beginning their search for a full-time experienced nanny for their 2 wonderful children. 

WHAT:  The sweetest professional parents are seeking an experienced nanny to come on board as both their children’s committed and caring nanny and offer extra hours as their house manager. This family is seeking primarily 3, ten-hour days, beginning at 7 AM until 6 PM. and would love extra assistance for household chores like grocery shopping, laundry, and organization on the other 2 half-days! These hours can be flexible.  Nanny will be responsible for preschool drop-off and pick-up and will work towards guiding the baby towards a fixed meal and nap schedule. This family is seeking a nanny that is kind, organized, and super-attentive. They appreciate a nanny who will be proactive in finding fun activities to do together like going to the park, museums, baby and toddler music classes, and swim lessons! They also ask for help with the children’s laundry, tidying up after playtime, children’s meal prep and cooking– and if the nanny would like, they welcome new recipes and ideas for fun family meals together.

YOU: The dream nanny for this family would be an exceptionally experienced, organized, and engaging candidate! You intuitively know when to communicate with busy career parents and are capable of balancing an adorable baby and a busy toddler. You have your own vehicle and are a safe driver with a clean record. If you’re looking for a long-term family with which to be a valued part of, then look no further– this is them! 





Pittsburgh, PA | Upper St Clair 


Start Date:  Mid-May 2020, family is hoping to have the nanny start when restrictions are lifted in Allegheny County

Hours: Monday-Thursday.  Guaranteed up to 35 hours a week.  Preferred start time around 8 am. When dad resumes travel, they’d like a nanny who has the flexibility to help with evening/bedtime hours.  

Children:  3 Months Old Newborn and 5-Year-Old
Hourly Rate: $19-22/hour
Pets: 1 Labradoodle
Paid vacation: one week paid of nanny’s choice, one week paid of family’s choice, 2 sick or personal days and holidays that fall on a work day.

Flu shot, T-DAP required. Family has mild tree nut allergy.

WHO: Frequent-flyer Dad and sweet career Mom are seeking a calm and patient nanny for a minimum of 1 year to join their family! 

WHAT:  Newly siblings, this darling 5-year-old and her new baby sister are hoping for a calm and gentle nanny to come beside them as big sister begins kindergarten (in the fall) and to watch and encourage the baby’s milestones! Mom and Dad would love a nanny who would be able to work a 3-day, 30-hour shift, or 35 hours over 3 ½ days. Once trust is established, this family will allow for the nanny to drive their kids to and fro– baby classes, preschool, museums, parks… The list goes on! This sweet mom is home most of the time, but needs an extra set of hands especially on weeks when the dad is traveling, which is most weeks! While the mom is spending time with the kids, they also ask for help with talking their lovable pooch for a walk, running small errands, cooking, children’s laundry, and household tidying and pickup. With school closures and a potential non-traditional kindergarten start in the fall, this family would also love a nanny who is willing to help with schooling this summer!

YOU: Calm and relaxed, you’re a Hakuna Matata type of nanny; nothing phases you, and your reliability and loving demeanor are part of your key characteristics! You’re seeking a long-term family to work for, and maneuvering 2 kiddos is no problem for you. You are happy to bounce between caring for the kids or helping with household tasks while mom is with the children. You’re a safe driver with your own vehicle and you’re able to commit to full-time hours, and ideally, able to commit for at least a year. 







Pittsburgh, PA | Mount Lebanon

Start Date:  End of April/Early May

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9AM-6:30PM with overtime possibilities

Hourly Rate$17-19/hour; Pay will most likely fall $800 Wk due to overtime hours, plus family is open to offering a health stipend
Children: 9-Month-Old Baby
Pets: None
Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 2 sick or personal days and all major holidays that fall on a work day.

Flu Shot Required

WHO: Sweet parents are seeking an enthusiastic yet gentle nanny for their precious baby! Both parents have busy and demanding schedules and are hoping for a proactive team player who is willing and able to learn and grow with them! They would prefer someone who is seeking a long-term position, allowing themselves to be fully engaged and committed to them. 

WHAT: Creating a loving and nurturing environment for this little one will be your main goal; Interacting with her while she’s awake, helping with baby laundry, bottle sanitizing/washing and some small errands like groceries and dishes and running the hand vac. This sweet little lady is super social and enjoys engaging with others at the baby book club, and always jives to music whenever she hears it. These fantastic parents are open to you running your own errands with the baby as well, as this also encourages her to get out and about. Light meal prep would be most welcome,and despite their hectic careers, this family is quite laid back. They are excited about you joining their family! 

YOU: Are attentive and focused on all things baby! You’re calm and loving, wise and gentle, and while this family is not requiring previous nanny experience, they are happy to welcome previous nanny experience.They also request that their nanny have  their own vehicle and a clean driving record. 

Pittsburgh, PA | Hampton Township (North Hills)

Start Date: Late Spring/Early June 2020- Sept. 2020

Hours:Reduced hours may incur as this family is still working out how COVID-19 will affect their respective work schedules. They are hoping for 25 hours/ week. Some days would be 7a-6p, other days 7a – 2pm, other days 11a – 6 p,  4-5 days per week

Children:  6 and 9 years old
Hourly Rate: $16-22/hour
Flu Shot Not Required
Pets: None

WHO: Super-sweet and laid back, this amazing family is seeking an active and organized nanny to join their exuberant little girls on their daily summer adventures.

WHAT: Perfect ages for crafting all the nifty crafts (Pinterest, anyone?), these precious girls are full of life and– currently– love superheroes! Depending upon school closures, this spring these fun-loving parents may want part-time care, however, come this summer, you’ll be on deck to drive to various summer camps and activities and heading to the pool to cool off!  When Mom is on call, occasional weekend help would be greatly appreciated. While Mom’s schedule varies, she’ll know her schedule at least a month in advance (sometimes even more notice is given) and will communicate changing hours as soon as she can. They also ask for help with the kid’s laundry, easy kid-friendly food prep, tidying up and small errands. This position is perfect for the college student on break– who wouldn’t want an incredible summer watching two equally incredible little gals?! 

YOU: Punctual and reliable, this family is not requiring previous nanny experience, however, happy to welcome previous nanny experience. You’ve exemplified excellent work ethic in other positions you’ve held, are kind, loving, and down to play with anything brought your way. You’re also an extremely safe and qualified driver, you own a car that can fit booster seats, and are CPR certified (or willing to get your certs). Flexibility will be key in this role as the schedule will vary but communication will be frequent. 
Pittsburgh, PA | Wexford

*Summer Nanny* 

Start Date: June-August

Hours: Monday-Friday, 

Children: 9 and 12 years
Hourly Rate: $18-20/hour
Pets: Golden-doodle

WHO: Another amazing return family is back seeking summer-time only help with their two awesome kids! Active and busy, this sweet family is seeking an involved and energetic nanny/house manager, to keep their growing children on their groove!

WHAT: While the kids will be in summer camps the majority of the time, you’ll be on deck for driving them around, pickups, play dates, watermelon seed fights and heading to the pool! When their children are busy at camps, the nanny would have flexibility to run her own errands or relax at the home as long as she stayed on-call in case the children needed anything. Some weeks may involve just driving the children to camps with an hour or two of time with the kids at the beginning or end of the day. Other weeks, the nanny may enjoy hours of fun with the kids exploring Pittsburgh. Some weeks the children have half-day camps or will have just one child home.

YOU: Kind and vibrant, you love the idea of hanging out with older kids and using your imagination to bring stability and fun to their world.  You enjoy being fully present and you’re a good listener. Active, organized, creative and fun, you’re seeking a summer-only position and are available for the whole summer until school begins.
Pittsburgh, PA | Shadyside/Sq Hill

*Almost Filled*

Start Date: Last week in April / First week in May
Hours: 2.5 
days per week (20 hours) then 4-5 days per week (40 hours guaranteed) as soon as dad lands job in Pittsburgh (family hoping this is soon after COVID-19 calms!)

Children:  18-month old twins
Hourly Rate: $20-21/hour
Flu Shot Required

Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all major holidays paid.

Pets: None

WHO: From the Golden City to the City of Steel, a fabulous family of 4 is heading east to our lovely Pittsburgh and is seeking a long-term (2+years), outstanding nanny for their sweet twins! 

WHAT: With so many transitions on the horizon, let’s welcome this new-to-the-area family with open arms and the best of childcare. After daycare in San Francisco, Mom and Dad are seeking a fun-loving, experienced nanny to guide and nurture their children as they begin new jobs. Ideally, their new nanny is someone who has a sweet temperament and prefers kindness and gentleness as opposed to strict rules and uptight boundaries. They encourage playing outside (rain, snow, sun!), getting down and dirty with Mother Nature, parks, libraries, museums, and exploring. They prefer books and music to screen time (not allowed), and would appreciate your assistance with the toddler’s laundry, meal prep, tidying up and light errands. At the beginning, hours would be 2.5 days a week, but this would increase to 40 hours a week once dad lands a job in Pittsburgh!

YOU: Have had previous nannying experience (with twins or multiples would be a plus, but not required), are loving, gentle, outgoing and adventurous. You prefer the great outdoors to being cooped up inside, are seeking a long-term position, and can find the fun in any situation! This super sweet family is excited to meet YOU!
Pittsburgh, PA | Fox Chapel

*Will start interviewing soon*

Start Date: End of summer

Hours:  4 day work weekFull-time nanny. Monday (off) Tuesday (9-3) Wednesday (8-6:30) Thursday (9-6:30) Friday (8-5) . Guaranteed 34 hours a week.

Hourly Rate: $20-22/hour

Children: 2 and 5 years old

Pets: No Pets
Paid Vacation: one week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 2 sick or personal days and all major holidays that fall on a work day.
WHO: Fantastic and laid back, a return to East Wind Nannies family is seeking a full-time, long-term nanny to start come early spring! 
WHAT: Adventurous and on-the-go, this interactive and smiley 5-year-old is full of life and charm and is hoping for a nanny to keep up with him as he learns and explores his surroundings, and soon, kindergarten! Meanwhile, his darling sister is hot on his heels, newly learning about growing, friendship, sibling love, and sharing. They are hoping for a reliable, adaptable, and experienced nanny who will encourage all things outdoors (walks, parks, museums, swimming, sandboxes….), as well as simple meal prep, tidying up, crafts, reading, and singing and dancing! 
YOU: An experienced multi-tasker, you are hoping for long-term work with one amazing family! By nature, you are helpful, interactive, and communicative. Changes in schedule don’t bother you, and you’re able guide and love throughout the many variants of a day! You also love being outdoors and can find something to busy yourselves with, come rain or shine. 

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