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Pittsburgh, PA | Fox Chapel

*Almost Filled*
Start Date: ASAP,  at the latest, end of September
 Full-time; 40-45 hours a week; typically 42 hours between 8:30 AM – 5 PM

Hourly Rate: $20-25/hour
Three Children: *Primary responsibility will be with the 4.5-Month-Old baby; Part-Time care for 6 and 4-Year-Old 
Flu Shot is Required
Pets: No Pets
Paid Vacation: One week paid off the family’s choice, one week paid off the nanny’s choice and any major holiday that falls on a work day paid.

WHO/WHAT: Easy going and fun, dual work-from-home parents are seeking an experienced infant nanny to primarily care for their newest baby son and assist occasionally with their eldest two boys! While Mom and Dad and another nanny will help out with the 6YO as he works through hybrid school and the 4YO as he goes to half-day preschool, their ideal nanny will take on the responsibility of this sweet new babe by understanding and encouraging his milestones, and age-appropriate play, reading, singing and nap schedules. Their dream nanny would be someone attentive, loving, and kind who is able to take the initiative and be a communicative team player! You will be welcome to use the family care to transport the kids to exciting activities like the zoo, libraries, playgrounds, and parks. While your primary focus will be the kids, they would appreciate help with the children’s laundry, easy meal prep, and tidying up as you have time. A flexible nanny would be most welcome, as sometimes a day may begin at 7:30 AM or end at 7:30 PM. This beautiful, bustling family is super excited about welcoming their very own fabulous nanny to their family and would love for their nanny to stay with them for the long haul! 

THE IDEAL NANNY….An experienced career nanny, specifically experienced in the world of newborns! You are constantly engaged with whoever is in your care, love baby cuddles and coos, and are able to effectively engage this growing baby as he learns of the world. You are trustworthy and transparent, and the idea of melding into this family for the next couple of years is thrilling and exactly what you are seeking. You have your own vehicle, valid driver’s license, and a clean driving record.

Pittsburgh, PA | North Hills

*Almost Filled*
Start Date: Latest October 1; this family would prefer sooner than later and would like a transition week together
 Monday-Friday, Guaranteed 35 hours/week, some weeks will be 40 hours. Most hours will be between 8 AM – 3 PM. The nanny must have flexibility to stay late one night when parents are on-call. The family would appreciate weekend availability

Hourly Rate: $20/hour
Two Children: 2 Year Old & Baby due January 2021 
Flu Shot is Required
Pets: 1 Goldendoodle– family has a daily dog walker
Paid Vacation: One week paid off the family’s choice, one week paid off the nanny’s choice and any major holiday that falls on a work day paid.

WHO/WHAT: Soon to be a big brother, this adorable 2-year-old and his professional parents are seeking a full-time nanny to join their family for the next 1-2 years! After being in daycare, this busy toddler enjoys creative structure and daily activities. Adventures for him would include playing outside on their community jungle gym, hikes nearby, visiting the area parks mastering his tricycle. At this time, his parents would prefer no other playdates with other children. Mom and Dad, both in the medical field (but not with COVID patients), would also appreciate assistance with easy, simple food prep for everyone, running the dishwasher/tidying up, laundry, and keeping their home clean. As they also prepare for their newest addition this upcoming winter, they are seeking an experienced infant nanny who is familiar with the newborn stage and those all-important first milestones! This family values a nanny who takes care of their home by asking Mom or Dad details first before acting of their own accord. For example– “Can I help with the laundry today? If yes, is there a specific detergent that you use for your family?”. As you each get comfortable with one another, they hope you become a valued part of their family!
As both parents work outside the home in a medical setting, they are taking every COVID precaution possible for both their family’s safety, yours and most importantly the vulnerable patients they care for daily.
This family is taking social distancing seriously by wearing masks, hand washing and sanitizing, and limiting trips to the store and extended family visits. They would prefer their prospective nanny to abide by responsible COVID precautions as well. 

THE IDEAL NANNY…. Quiet, calm, and gentle, you’re the nanny who finds joy in being with children and encouraging their milestones and learning. By default, you are patient and loving and see no reason to raise your voice to make your point heard. You are also an experienced infant nanny who can easily maintain both a toddler and a newborn with confidence and skill, an effective communicator and a team player! 

Pittsburgh, PA | Upper St Clair

*Almost Filled*
Start Date: ASAP; school starts next week

Hours:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 8 AM – 3 PM. If school goes fully virtual, option for more hours is offered, but not required. 

Hourly Rate: $20-30/hour
Two Children: 8 and 4 years old
Flu Shot is preferred.
Pets: 1 Chihuahua
Paid Vacation: Accrued over time with the option of unpaid time on days off of school. 

WHO/WHAT: Affectionate and loving, this darling family is seeking a private educator/nanny to join their family for part-time help! At the moment, mom is staying home to guide her 2 sweet children as they adjust to a hybrid of virtual and in-person schooling. She would love an energetic team player to join her at home to help with teaching primarily their eldest, as well as hands-on non-school related play like board games, fun and new crafts and creative ideas like dance parties, and cooking together! While these fantastic parents would love a nanny who had a background in education, it is not required. 

THE IDEAL NANNY….Communicative, honest, and interactive, you may possibly have a background as a teacher/educator! You are reliable and kind, energetic and fun. You are seeking a part-time position to be hands-on with both kids and their sweet mom, helping out with the teaching, playing, and organization part of the day. You are hoping for an immediate start date and are willing to jump in with both feet as this family adjusts to their new normal of hybrid school!  

Pittsburgh, PA | Mount Lebanon

*Almost Filled*
Start Date: ASAP; open to anytime in September

Hours:  Part-Time, anywhere from 15-25 Hours Guaranteed depending on nanny’s preference; Anytime between 8 AM-5 PM. The nanny can pick a schedule that works best for his or her schedule. Family is flexible with hours– this position has the potential to increase hours with time.

Hourly Rate: $19-22/hour
Two Children: 2.5 and 1 Years Old 
Flu Shot is Required, Up-To-Date on All Vaccinations 
Pets: None
Paid Vacation: Prorated
Allergies: Sesame and Chickpeas; Epi-Pen is available for use in case of emergency 
WHO/WHAT: Fun and fabulous, this family of four is seeking a part-time nanny for their 2 sweet little ones to start immediately!
With both parents working full-time hours from home, Mom and Dad are hoping for a nurturing, cuddly, and experienced nanny to join their family for at least a year and possibly more. Their eldest, a son, is verbally advanced and enjoys active play and intelligent chats with his nanny. He loves to learn new crafts and experiments as his baby sister continues to grow and explore the world around her! She learns by being read to, singing, and sensory, age-appropriate play. Both siblings love cuddles, tickle time, and look forward to getting outside to explore their beautiful natural surroundings. When the kids are sleeping, these kind and thoughtful parents ask for your help with the children’s laundry, dishes, tidying up, and keeping the living spaces neat. You’ll also be hands-on for easy meal prep (which could be a fun activity to do with the almost 3-year-old!).
This family is taking social distancing very seriously by encouraging isolated playdates with masks on, hand washing and sanitizing, and limiting trips to the store. They would prefer their prospective nanny to not care for other school age children attending school in-person and that their nanny would abide by responsible COVID precautions as well. 
 THE IDEAL NANNY….Experienced and warm, you are gently confident in your nanny skills and can lead the way by exemplifying organization and care in your work. You demonstrate love by cozy snuggles and hugs and are always open to getting down to play, enjoying a quiet time with books, or bringing new and creative crafts for a rainy day! You’re an effective communicator and are seeking a part-time position starting ASAP. You also have your own vehicle, license, and a clean driving record.  

Pittsburgh, PA | Point Breeze

Start Date: ASAP — but this family is willing to wait for the perfect fit
Weekend Nanny Only: every other weekend (2 weekends/month); Saturday OR Sunday, 12:30pm – 5:30pm

Hourly Rate: $21-23/hour
Pets: Soon to be added —  a dog
Children:  Six-Year-Old Boy
Flu Shot NOT Required
Paid Vacation: None

WHO/WHAT: Co-parents are seeking an experienced, loving, and proactive nanny for their sweet son for 4-hour weekend shifts. This active little boy loves being outside, burning off his energy at local playgrounds, nature walks, and hikes! He also enjoys going to the museum or zoo whenever possible  When not zooming about outside, he loves to learn new arts/ craft projects or exploring science through a fun project!  He’s a budding tennis player, and the nanny should have her own vehicle to take him to lessons when necessary. Mom and Dad are seeking a reliable and loving nanny who will provide consistent and gentle care for their shared son. They hope their nanny is experienced in this field and is able to work together with a growing 6 year old by modeling gentleness with the ability to be firm when needed. These parents are hoping for a long-term fit as they grow and maneuver these next years together! 

THE IDEAL NANNY….Experienced, reliable, and proactive, you love joining a family and provide hours of fun time together! Exploration and finding new ways to actively engage together with this boy will come easy to you– you’ll be able to get out and about with him as he takes a well-deserved break from the school week. You have no problem driving about the city in your own vehicle, have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. This family is hoping for a long-term fit and you are hoping for a long-term family! 

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