Current Positions

Pittsburgh, PA | Squirrel Hill

Start Date: January 4, 2021, with several transition days in December

Hours: 42-45 hours guaranteed with possibility of up to 50 hours/week; M-F, 8am – 5pm; Grandma may watch the baby 1 morning/week
Hourly Rate: $20-24/hour; family is open to contributing to their nanny’s health insurance
Children: 4 month old

Pets: Possibly a dog in the future
Flu Shot is Required  

Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 5 sick or personal days, all holidays that fall on a workday.

WHO/WHAT: These laid-back, first-time parents are looking for a skilled infant nanny to come on board full-time as they maneuver new parenthood with their squishy babe! This precious baby boy and Mom and Dad are hoping for a loving, positive, and flexible nanny to become a part of their little family. Ideally, they would love a career nanny who is very familiar with all stages of infancy and toddler-hood, and ready to guide their young one through all of his developmental milestones.  As you and the baby get to know one another, they are totally open to you taking him out and about, exploring their neighborhood’s beautiful parks via stroller walks and hopefully in the future spending your mornings inside of Pittsburgh’s magnificent museums.  You’ll be too busy educating him through play, reading, and the world around him to even bother to turn on the tv!  Mom and Dad are go-with-the-flow and cannot wait for picture updates throughout the day. They would appreciate help with child’s laundry, light clean up after the baby, and very light family dinner prep would be a bonus. This family is vegetarian and would ask that no meat be cooked in the house.

This family is COVID-19 cautious. Dad works at a hospital, but is taking all precautions and not seeing COVID-19 patients. They order takeout and have groceries delivered. When their housecleaner is in the home, they all wear masks out of respect and precaution. They ask that their nanny is careful with their social circles and ideally would not have children who attend in-person school.

THE IDEAL NANNY….You’re the nanny who dreams of baby cuddles and tummy time! Being nurturing, playful and loving is second nature for you. You love the baby phase and are always ready to break out into song to get a smile from a little one! You’re ready to join a family for years to come and bring your positive, relaxed attitude with you. You are consistent, but don’t overthink things. You have your own vehicle, driver’s license, and clean driving record. Ideally you come from a no-cat home as Dad is allergic.

Pittsburgh, PA | Shadyside

Start Date: Early November, but open to waiting for the right person

HoursAnywhere from 18-30 hours guaranteed; Hours are anytime after 11:30am, anywhere from 3-5 days/week, depending on whichever times work best for the nanny. Weekend availability a plus, though not required.
Hourly Rate: $20-25/hour
Children: 4-year-old

Pets: 1 dog

Flu Shot is Required  

Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all holidays that fall on a workday. 

WHO/WHAT: These super sweet, professional parents are looking for a nanny to join their family to care primarily for their creative, fun-loving 4 year old for the next several years! This lovely family of four is looking for a calm and patient nanny to join them for the next several years! While Mom is working from home and Dad has returned to working at his office (though not in an environment where he is in contact with COVID-19), Grandma lives with the family and takes care of their 10 month old. They are looking for their nanny to primarily care for their imaginative 4 year old who just loves to have fun! The nanny would come a minimum of 3 days/week or up to 5 days/week, depending on their preference, anytime after 11:30am as this is when the 4 year old returns home from morning school! The family is willing to guarantee anywhere from 18-30 hours/week depending on the nanny’s preference. They would love a nanny who is excited to join their daughter on daily adventures – taking walks outside, doing art and science projects, exploring music and dance, and playing in the backyard! The world is your oyster as the two of you engage in imaginary and creative play. In addition to fully engaging with and playing with their preschooler, this family asks that their nanny also help tidy up after her, prepare easy lunches for her, load the dishwasher, and occasionally run errands. This family loves to travel and is open to their nanny joining them on their domestic trips in the future when travel can be done safely, though not a requirement. They are hoping to have a nanny join them for at least the next several years – allowing plenty of time for the nanny and their preschooler to grow together and explore the exciting world that is burgeoning around her!

Dad has returned to work at his office, and when they go in public settings this family has been wearing masks and social distancing as best as possible. They kindly ask that their nanny joins them in being diligent about frequent hand washing and that they communicate with them in advance if they are not feeling well – and the family promises to do the same!

THE IDEAL NANNY….Caring for children is your number one passion and safety is your top priority! You are ready to jump right into this preschooler’s world and you love creative and imaginative play. This family is looking for you to have a kind and polite personality, and you are ready to model respectfulness and gentleness to their daughter. A calm and patient demeanor is a must!

Pittsburgh, PA | Washington’s Landing

*We just met this family and will have details soon*

Start Date: ASAP

Hours: Nanny  can pick any 20-30 hours between 8 AM – 6 PM Monday to Friday over  3-5 days a week. 
Hourly Rate: $21/hour
Child: one-year old

No Pets

Flu Shot is Preferred  

Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all holidays that fall on a workday. 



Pittsburgh, PA | Franklin Park/Wexford

Start Date: ASAP 

HoursGuaranteed 45 Hours, Monday-Friday, 7 AM – 5 PM. Some weeks will go up to 50 hours/week.
Hourly Rate$20-23/hour, open to offering a contribution to the nanny’s healthcare
Two Children: Ages 2 and 4

Flu Shot is Required  

No Pets

Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all holidays that fall on a workday. 

WHO/WHAT: Fabulous, fun-loving, and down to earth parents are seeking a permanent, experienced, long-term nanny for their two beautiful daughters (and another possible baby, in the future), starting immediately! We had the honor of placing their previous nanny with this family–  but she’s moving to another state. We hope to place another of one of our amazing nannies with them, as they have been excellent employers! These precious girls would love someone to take care of them– taking the 4-year-old to preschool two days a week, for 2.5 hours and hanging out with this sweet toddler.  Mom and Dad expect that you’ll plan their days out, encouraging activities such as reading together, playing, listening to music together, dancing,  playdates, museum days, parks, and baking projects to do together! Additionally, daily planned crafts and activities and educational activities would be much appreciated. Their previous nanny proactively sought out ways to daily bring new ways to learn and play in their home by having daily circle time, and the girls loved this! It is very important to this family that the nanny emanates calm patience; she’s able to assess a situation and guide the children through emotions and feelings with love and grace. They value open and clear communication and hope that you’ll strive to update them as best you can on their girls’ successes, mishaps, and adventures! Mom and Dad focus on redirection, talking out feelings, learning their children’s emotions, teaching, explaining, and hope their nanny teams up with them to guide these little darlings to be the best humans they can be. Light food prep and tidying up also requested. In the future, once things are safer, they would appreciate the nanny driving to dance class, the zoo, and museums.

This family is extremely COVID cautious. Dad is working from home. Mom is in hospital but in full PPE and does not work directly with patients. They are only seeing immediate family, are not traveling, are not going to restaurants, only doing curbside pick-up, and only playgrounds if no one else is there. They expect their nanny to take all necessary precautions.  

THE IDEAL NANNY….Experienced, organized, and communicative, you are well-versed in childcare, development, and milestones. You’re a “mama bear” type– you enjoy protecting and caring for those around you, creating an atmosphere of peace and safety. You love to have fun and play, melding both education and creativity into one to nurture these two beautiful girls alongside their parents. You long to join a family for the long haul by getting to know each child personally, seeking ways to actively connect emotionally and mentally. We hope to find a nanny who is able to have at least a week of transition time with their current nanny, so if you’re seeking a full-time position with a fabulous return family and can start ASAP, let us know TODAY!   

Pittsburgh, PA | Squirrel Hill

*AFTER-SCHOOL CARE with the option for additional hours*
Start Date: ASAP, but open to waiting for the right candidate

Hours: M-F, after-school care, anywhere from 15 – 25 hours/week guaranteed, plus options for additional hours; Nanny can choose the scenario that works best for their schedule. 
  • Scenario 1: M-F, 3:30 – 4pm – 6:30pm, 15 hours/week, with nanny primarily caring for kids and helping with meal prep
  • Scenario 2: M-F, 2:30pm – 6:30pm, 20 hours/week, with nanny primarily caring for kids and helping with meal prep
  • Scenario 3: M-F, 1pm – 6:30pm, 25 hours/week or more, with nanny doing household tasks (i.e. laundry, meal prep) before picking kids up from school at 3:10 pm
Option for additional hours:
  • Every day the children are off of school – at least 2 days a month, but frequently more from 9am – 5pm or 10am – 6pm
  • Wednesday night weekly date nights until 9-10:30pm.
Hourly Rate$20-25/hour
Four Children: Ages 12, 9, 5, and 3 Years Old 

Flu Shot Strongly Preferred, CPR and First Aid Certifications

Pets: 2 cats

Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all holidays that fall on a workday. 

WHO/WHAT:  Busy, bustling, and oh-so-fun, this amazing family of 6 is seeking a nanny or a manny to join their family for those after-school hours!
As mom works 2 days a week, you’ll be tag-teaming with her– which means you’ll rarely have all 4 kids all by your lonesome. It’s an “all hands on deck” vibe here, with loads of love and laughter to match! This family’s primary needs will revolve around after-school homework help, tutoring, snack, and meal prep. Professional parents ask that their nanny/manny help with easy meal prep (HelloFresh) for dinner, tidying up and maintaining order amidst their chaos! They seek a nanny/manny who is patient, proactive, and flexible. She/he should be calm and able to maintain that cool with managing a snack, a math problem, and helping find a lost car under the couch while simultaneously bringing in joy, love, and laughter to this fantastic brood! Mom and Dad are hoping for someone who is a communicative team-player who can jump right in and help guide their sweet 4 kids. The 3 big kids walk home from school around 3:25pm, and this family is open to their nanny choosing one of the hour scenarios that works best for their schedule. This family is hoping for a long-term fit– this after-school schedule could go on for years!– or a nanny/manny who can commit for a minimum of a year.

This family wears masks when out and about, practices washing and sanitizing their hands, and adheres to all social distancing guidelines. They ask their nanny to do the same. Their children are attending in-person school. 

THE IDEAL NANNY….This position would be best for the nanny/manny who comes from their own big family or has former experience working with multiple children of all age groups. You can be firm in maintaining boundaries and keeping squabbles at bay, kind and fun! You are experienced at engaging kids at different age levels and understand different behavior methods. The thought of working with this family is exhilarating and exciting vs overwhelming, a house full of love and laughter with these 4 kids doesn’t stress you out! You are seeking a position for a minimum of a year but ideally would love a long-term after-school commitment for years to come. You also have your own vehicle, driver’s license, and clean driver’s record.

Pittsburgh, PA | Franklin Park/Wexford

*Part-Time Position*
Start Date: ASAP

1 weekday, preferably Wednesday, 7 AM – 6:30 PM with the option of PT weekend hours for Mom and Dad to go on a date night! 

Hourly Rate$20-25/Hour, up to $30/Hour for at-home teaching time
Three Children: Ages 11, 9, and 2.5 Years Old 

Flu Shot Strongly Preferred, CPR and First Aid Certifications

Pets: None

Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all holidays that fall on a workday. 

WHO/WHAT: Moving to Pittsburgh from the lovely state of Colorado, this wonderful family is seeking a part-time nanny to join their team with their full-time nanny/household manager as they start a life here in our beautiful city! The 2 eldest boys’ schooling will take place entirely at home via virtual learning for the first quarter (and possibly more). These full-time career parents are hoping that their new nanny would possibly have a background in child education as well as a solid familiarity working with different age groups, as their youngest son is growing in toddlerhood. When not in school, this band of brothers loves basketball and baseball, playing games, exploring the outdoors via parks and trails, and hopefully future playdates. Mom and Dad would also deeply appreciate assistance with keeping their home tidy by keeping the dishwasher loaded and emptied, the kitchen cleaned up, putting away both the parent’s laundry/children’s laundry, errands like groceries and easy meal prep for the boys– including them in chores and meal preps is a great way to spend time together and have a family dinner ready for when the parents come home! In order to keep everyone marching along, this family uses Google Calendar to maintain their schedule and ask that their nanny be tech-savvy, organized, energetic and active. 

THE IDEAL NANNY….Fast-paced, busy families require nannies who thrive off of keeping that pace organized and running smoothly! You’re the nanny who is used to multi-age groups and can keep many hats spinning all at once. Creative and warm, you’re able to connect on all levels, taking the time to help out with household tasks while encouraging fun and imaginative play like using games, skits, and outdoor recreation to keep these boys moving. You also have your own vehicle, driver’s license, and a safe driving record. If you’re seeking a long-term, part-time position with fantastic employers, then this family is for you!

Pittsburgh, PA | Edgewood

Start Date: ASAP
Hours:  Guaranteed 50 Hours
, Monday-Friday, 7 AM – 5 PM. The family would appreciate the occasional date night/weekend  

Hourly Rate: $20/hour, but family will pay OT for hours 41-50 (weekly gross pay $1,100) and will give a health insurance stipend
Two Children: 3 Years Old & 14 Months Old
Flu Shot is Required
Pets: 1 Cat
Paid Vacation: One week paid off the family’s choice, one week paid off the nanny’s choice and 6 major holidays. 

WHO/WHAT: Beautiful family of 4 (and hopefully expanding their numbers in the future) is seeking a long-term loving, patient, and joyful nanny to join their family for the next couple of years!
Previously in daycare, these sisters are looking forward to the addition of a nanny to their home. While the 3YO will be in preschool Monday-Friday, 8 AM-2:30 PM, the nanny’s main responsibility will be taking care of the busy and curious 14MO toddler. Mom and Dad hope their nanny is someone who enjoys reading aloud, interactive play, and singing the ABC’s and other songs that engage the body and mind. They trust that their nanny will have her own vehicle, safe driving record, and license, as they ask that their nanny would be able to drive the 3YO to school daily. They are open to outdoor activities like walking to the park, zoos, and exploring Frick Park, but would prefer no playgrounds at this time. These sweet sisters thrive off of routine, and parents encourage doing chores together–like feeding the cat, picking up toys, and helping with the cleaning. This family would appreciate assistance with the children’s laundry, simple errands like groceries and essentials, and general tidying up after a fun-filled day! They limit sweets, don’t eat pork, and encourage effective communication and re-direction when discipline needs to be used.
Mom is a busy physician and works in a hospital setting but is not working directly with COVID patients. They go to stores and out and about, but wear marks and sanitize their hands. They hope their nanny wears a mask when in public and uses common sense in social settings. 

THE IDEAL NANNY….Patient, creative, and kind, you’re the fun nanny who truly loves finding new ways to keep things active and engaging. You can also easily see what needs to be done, and can jump in with both feet whether it’s throwing in a load of laundry, making up yummy snacks, or sitting down and reading board books with no end in sight! You are hoping for a long-term position and a family to grow with, have your own safe vehicle, license, and record, and can start immediately. 

Pittsburgh, PA | Sewickley

Start Date: Early November, but can wait for the perfect fit
 Full-time;  40 Hours Guaranteed; Monday thru Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30/5 PM

Hourly Rate: $20-23/hour
Two Children: 20 Months Old and 2 Months Old
Flu Shot is Required
Pets: None right now, family plans to add a large family dog in the future
Paid Vacation: One week paid off the family’s choice, one week paid off the nanny’s choice and 6 major holidays.  Family is open to flexing these 6 paid holiday’s to be the nanny’s choice of days.

WHO/WHAT : Sweetest professionals are balancing their precious daughters and active careers, and are on the lookout for an amazing, experienced infant nanny to join their family for years to come!   Darling sisters– one in the early stages of infancy, and the other on the cusp of all things toddler– are joyful little loves are hoping for a nanny who is very attentive, caring, and loving. Rather than supervise from above, this family’s nanny enjoys actively playing together with the girls– things like cozy reading time with favorite board books, blocks, dolls, puzzles, arts & crafts, to name a few! In the future (once the baby is a little bit older), these engaging parents are open to their nanny exploring everything the city has to offer, and in the meantime, offer a beautiful fenced in back yard complete with sandbox and swing set for plenty of outdoor fun. They also ask for assistance with kid-friendly meal prep, the children’s laundry, dishwasher, and general tidiness.  Mom and Dad look forward to their nanny being a proactive team player, someone who will co-parent with them as they look forward to all the beautiful changes their sweet daughters will encounter in the months and years to come. 

This family has a small circle of friends and immediate family they see. While Dad works in the hospital field, all of his patients are pre-screened for COVID and he wears the highest level of protection daily. Both parents wear a mask anytime they are in the public. They encourage playground visits– but only if no one else is there. They do anticipate expanding this in the future, once the baby grows a bit older. They want their nanny to have a life but also use good judgment. They hope their nanny wears a mask when in public and engages in a small social circle, avoiding busy bars and large group gatherings.  

THE IDEAL NANNY….An experienced infant nanny, you are loving, engaging, and kind. You truly enjoy reading time, playtime, make-believe, and keeping a schedule to keep these girls healthy and growing. You look forward to getting outdoors daily for fresh air, as well as know when to gauge that it’s nap time and can balance both age groups with patience and care. You have a clean driving record, a safe vehicle, and a license, and are willing to transport the girls in the future to all the fun activities!  This family can’t wait to add their long-term new nanny to the family and look forward to meeting YOU!

Pittsburgh, PA | Fox Chapel

Start Date: January 6, but open to earlier for the right person
 Full-time;  40 Hours Guaranteed; 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM or 8 AM – 5 PM

Hourly Rate: $20-25/hour
Two Children: 3 and 1 year old
Flu Shot is Required
Pets: No Pets
Paid Vacation: One week paid off the family’s choice, one week paid off the nanny’s choice and any major holiday that falls on a work day paid.

WHO/WHAT:  Fun-loving and joyful, the sweetest family of four is seeking an amazing nanny for at least 2 years!  While mom works outside the home and dad currently works from home, they seek a loving, adaptable nanny who has a great sense of humor! The 3 YO toddler will be in school from 8 AM – noon, the nanny will be at home with the 1-year-old who loves interactive play, reading books and eating! The nanny will prepare lunch for both children and will enjoy a lovely afternoon of play, exploration, and down-time. This family encourages walks around the neighborhood and is hoping that in the future they are able to return to the library and parks. These two tiny gentlemen are loving, polite, and oh-so much fun. Their equally wonderful parents are big on maintaining healthy schedules, exemplifying good manners, and guiding their boys to treat others with kindness.  They seek to have intelligent conversations with their sons to talk out those big feelings that come and go! This family loves extended family time — an  aunt, uncle, and cousins live right down the road, and grandma and grandpa live nearby and are a fabulous asset who may become the nanny’s best pals! This family would appreciate your help with the boy’s laundry, easy meal prep, and general tidying up of their home.  They also extend the offer for their nanny to travel with them to gorgeous places like Maine, NYC, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and DC! They will provide a nanny car for your adventures but are also willing for you to drive your own car.  

THE IDEAL NANNY….You are incredibly loving, giving, and kind. You have no problem being flexible with your day and can move and groove to whatever happens without losing your cool, all while being an excellent communicator. You pursue interactive, creative play by looking for new art projects, cooking or baking together with your small charges, and enjoy exploring the great outdoors! You may be the oldest sibling in your family, and are well versed with taking care of your younger siblings, or have had extensive experience with the toddler years! This family promises to be easy to love, as we hope to find them a fantastic career nanny for an early winter start date!

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