Current Positions

Pittsburgh, PA | Squirrel Hill 

Start Date: End of February/Early March

Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM-4:30 PM, 1-2 weeknight evenings requested but not required
Children: New Baby, 6 Weeks Old 
Hourly Rate: $20-23/hour, plus health insurance/stipend
Pets:  1 Cat
Flu Shot Required
Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all major holidays paid.
WHO: Two fabulous dads are seeking the perfect nanny to join their creative lives as they maneuver new parenthood together with their long-awaited for little love! 
WHAT: This tiny new fellow is the happiest, sweetest baby on the block! Your job is to love, cuddle, comfort, feed and change him as he learns and grows together with his fun and adoring dads. They seek your help to nurture and guide him to meet (and exceed!) his milestones, and in the future, playing, reading, singing, and going out on adventures together. They would appreciate your assistance with creating and maintaining a schedule, light organization, meal prep for both the parents and baby and the baby’s laundry. As trust and the baby grows, they hope you’ll drive him out and about- like our museums, our gorgeous Phipps conservatory, parks, and other activities. One dad consistently works from home, and the other dad works irregular hours, therefore your flexibility with hours and schedule would be much appreciated. Please be open and willing to travel, as there may be the slight opportunity to travel to Europe in the future (wow!). Don’t be deterred– these two are extremely fun, loving, and promise to greet you with open arms as you work together with them to help shape their new normal. 
YOU: This amazing opportunity is perfect for the experienced nanny who appreciates the finer things in life! You are reliable, gentle, interactive and nurturing, trustworthy and able to commit to a long-term position. These two dads are in awe of their sweet new son, and are so excited to embark on their newest adventure as a family of three and would love for you to jump in with both feet as a welcome and affirming addition! 

Pittsburgh, PA | Bridgeville

Start Date: ASAP

Hours:  40 Hours Guaranteed.  Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM 
Children: 2 Children, 4 and 6 Years Old
Hourly Rate: $19-24/hour 
Pets:  None 
Flu Shot Preferred
*One of the kids has asthma; Please be familiar with inhaler use*
Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all major holidays paid.
WHO: Full of life and charm, this bubbly family of four is seeking their proactive and kind nanny to join them on all their adventures! 
WHAT:  If crafting days full of giggles, fun, and creative ways to mix education and play, then this is the job for you! While the oldest is in school, you’ll have the opportunity to hang out with the 4-year-old, playing, singing, and growing together. Things like board games, braiding hair, reading together, and exploring the great outdoors whenever possible will be on the docket for both kids, and this family is hoping for someone who seeks out ways to keep their precious little ones stimulated and well-cared for! Mom and Dad (a dynamo team!), are also asking that the nanny assist with the kid’s laundry and food prep, running the vacuum, dishwasher duty and keeping the kids’ rooms/beds clean and tidy. 
YOU: Are pleasant, loving, and energetic! You’ve had a minimum one year of professional nanny experience, and you’re able to balance both being gentle and playful with calm discipline (when necessary) and structure. You can keep your cool, braid a sweet hair-do, and play make-believe and sing the latest Aladdin tunes ‘til the cows come home! 

Pittsburgh, PA | Lawrenceville/Highland Park

Start Date: Early January, but open to waiting until early February

Hours:  40 Hours Guaranteed.  Monday – Thursday, 7 AM – 5 PM
Children: 2 babies
Hourly Rate: $20-23/hour 
Pets:  Family A: 1 hypoallergenic dog; Family B: 1 cat
Flu Shot Highly preferred
Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all major holidays paid.
WHO: Two incredible families are seeking one fantastic nanny to take on their sweet and mild-tempered babies for 4 days a week.
WHAT:  The illustrious nanny share is here, and our goal is to find the best nanny for these two adorable babies! The ideal nanny would be someone extremely capable and confident in her infant skills and knowledge; someone who is active, engaging, loving and sincere. These families would love a nanny who is well-grounded; you don’t get stressed or anxious easily. Mondays you’ll just have one baby (Family A), Tuesday-Thursday you’ll have both babies. You’ll rotate houses every other week, hence flexibility on your part is essential. Don’t fear– meeting these families will put your mind at ease! These trendy moms (and dads!) are super nice, fun to be around, and are eagerly looking forward to you joining their gang! 
YOU:  Are enthusiastic about kids, their well-being, growth, and achievements. While being simultaneously intuitive and gentle, you’re also a proactive go-getter who will take it upon herself to pursue outings and education while mixing cuddles and fun!

Pittsburgh, PA | Edgewood/Point Breeze

Start Date: Early to Mid February

Hours:  30 Hours Guaranteed.  Any 3 week days in a row. 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Children: Infant, will be 3 months in February
Hourly Rate: $20-22/hour 
Pets:  Two sweet cats and 1 energetic dog
Flu Shot Required
Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all major holidays paid.
WHO: Two lovely professors are seeking an experienced and gentle nanny for their newborn. Ideally, they are hoping for 3 ten-hour days in a row. 
WHAT:  Baby cuddles are the best, aren’t they? This fabulous opportunity gives an experienced infant nanny the room to grow with the baby and the family as they maintain their rigorous teaching schedules and home life. Mom and Dad are open to you getting him outside for a walk to the library, and the parks near their home. They are seeking someone who genuinely enjoys babies and longs to hold and cuddle a newborn to their heart’s content, and who will work together with them to create and maintain a schedule for him as he grows and completes his milestones. They would appreciate someone who will assist with light housekeeping like baby’s laundry and tidying, as well as letting out their friendly pooch. 
YOU:  Most nannies LOVE the baby stage, and this is no exception! If the idea of holding, loving on, and cuddling a baby for your day sounds like a dream come true, then look no further! Other characteristics that are consistent with your nature are that you’re kind, respectable, organized, and punctual.

Pittsburgh, PA | Sewickley

Start Date: ASAP, but happy to wait for the right person 

Hours: One Day/Week; Wednesdays 9 AM – 9:30 PM. This family can either do one 12 hour day, or one 8 hour day (9AM-5PM), and then another 4 hour evening on a different night. 
Children: Two; 3 years old and 8 months 
Hourly Rate: $20-24/hour
Pets:  None
Allergies: Eggs. There can be none in the house.  
Flu Shot Required
WHO: “Effervescent” usually describes soda pop, however, meeting this beautiful family made us think of that word, so there you have it! Mom works from home one day a week for now and is seeking a joyful and proactive nanny to keep her kids engaged, well taken care of, and loved. 
WHAT: The kids will be your top priority here; The 3-year-old has preschool from 8:30-11:30 AM, and after that, you’ll prep an easy kid-friendly lunch to enjoy. Your days will be filled with activities that you have planned! You could take them to the children’s museums, parks, or the library– the sky’s the limit! 
YOU: Are a transparent, intentional, and interactive nanny, seeking a one-day-a-week- position with a fantastic family! You are easy to talk to and communicate with, totally ready to climb aboard this Wednesday-only train to help Mom (and Dad!) get the most out of their day with their sweet and well-behaved kids. This family is hoping to hire their perfect fit soon, and would love to meet you!

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