Current Positions

Pittsburgh, PA | Mars 

Start Date: ASAP but willing to wait for the right fit 

Hours:  Guaranteed 40 Hours/Week: Monday-Friday, see sample schedule below

Children: 2 and 5 years old
Hourly Rate: $20/hour
Pets: None
Flu Shot NOT Required
Paid Vacation:  One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all major holidays paid.

WHO: The kindest professionals are seeking a nurturing, long-term nanny for their 2 precious kids!

WHAT: With busy careers, family, traveling, and maybe a dog in their future, these two wonderful parents are hoping for an experienced nanny who will jump on board and keep their kids occupied and happy! They live in a fabulous walking neighborhood which is perfect for playdates, exploring the zoo, museum, and parks. Don’t forget your swimsuit–they also have a pool membership for those hot summer days! This family values previous nannying experience; someone who is able to balance creative fun with guided boundaries, good manners, love, and care. Come fall when school starts, they also ask for assistance with the children’s laundry, errands, meal prep and cooking,  and tidying up after a fun-filled day at home. A sample schedule will be as follows: Monday – 9 am – 5:30 pm;  Tuesday –  9 am – 4:30 pm; Wednesday – 9 am – 5:30pm; Thursday – 9 am – 4:00 pm (there will be one Thursday a month in which Mom has a board meeting and will not be able to relieve the Nanny until 5 pm); Friday – 9 am – 4:30 pm (Dad works from home every other Friday and will be able to relieve the Nanny at 4 pm on those weeks). Mom also travels for work and plans on also offering  OT hours which will be discussed together with their nanny.

YOU: Have previous nanny/household management experience, are professional in your communication and behavior, and are cool-headed and calm! You’re confident in your pool skills and swimming ability, are reliable, fun, and organized. You enjoy all things imaginative and fun, from dancing together to creating the best train track on the block! You’re seeking a family with which you can learn and grow (think 3+ years), and are confident your previous nanny history will only add more joy to their home! 
Pittsburgh, PA | Robinson/Moon

Start Date: ASAP but willing to wait for the right fit 

Hours:  Guaranteed 40 Hours/Week: Monday-Friday, 8AM-5 PM with option for more

Children: 9-month old baby  
Hourly Rate: $19-20/hour
Pets: 2 Dogs
Flu Shot Required
Paid Vacation:  One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all major holidays paid.

WHO: The sweetest family is seeking a doting nanny for their 9-month-old baby starting as soon as possible! They are hoping to hire someone long-term as they dream of growing their ranks in the future. 

WHAT: After giving daycare a try, these fantastic parents are now seeking an immediate hire for the happiest baby around! Caring and bubbly, Mom and Dad promise to be both professional and personal as they anticipate the nanny becoming like part of their family and staying around as they all grow together. This loving family values optimism and joy, trust and demonstrative affection. They hope that their nanny will take time to engage with their little one, cuddling, singing and reading, providing warmth and comfort physically and emotionally! While the parents are at work they would love you to keep them updated with pictures and texts–at this age, baby changes from day to day and they don’t want to miss a thing! They expect open and honest communication with one another, would appreciate help with the baby’s laundry, tidying up, and simple food prep. They also ask for assistance with their 2 social pooches while you’re at home. 

YOU: Are upbeat, happy, warm and kind. As a nanny, your arms feel fullest when you’re holding and loving on a tiny human! You’re responsible and communicative, helpful and organized and are seeking a long-term position. Your “personal bubble” doesn’t really exist…. Rather than shake a hand, you offer a hug! This wonderful family truly promises to care for you as you care for their baby, and can’t wait to meet their long-term, very own, Mary-Poppins! 
Cleveland, OH | Solon | Live-In or Live-Out

Start Date:  March 2020

Hours:  Morning and Evening Hours; Family guarantees 40-45 hours/week: Monday-Friday with the option of an early departure at noon most Fridays. 

Children:  3 and 6 years old
Hourly Rate:  $20-25/hour
Pets: None
Flu Shot Required
Paid Vacation:  One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all major holidays paid.

WHO: Busy and thriving, this fantastic family of 4 is seeking a long-term, experienced nanny for their 2 adorable kids in the Cleveland, Ohio area! *This sweet family is a referral from a friend of clients that we worked with here in Pittsburgh, and we are excited to work with them!*

WHAT: Mom and Dad both work demanding careers and are seeking a nanny/house manager to maintain the home front. Your main responsibilities will be their children: A typical day would like an early morning rise (parents leave for work at 6AM), breakfast time and school prep, school and daycare drop-offs beginning at 8 AM, with morning driving ending by 9:15 AM. Nanny would have “off” 9:15 AM-3:PM daily, with flexibility given to help out during those hours with light errands,  lunch prep, grocery shopping, kid’s laundry, and kitchen maintenance. School-pick up begins at 3:45 PM and then you’re home to decompress with the kids! Snack time, reading, art, music and whatever homework they may have. You can prep dinner together, taking that time to teach and guide while baking and cooking in the kitchen! This family encourages and supports going to fun after-school activities too– think coffee shops, museums, art festivals, and farmer’s markets! Mom usually gets home around 6 PM, and you’ll be free to leave around 7 PM. An added perk– Mom works half days on Fridays, so the nanny could leave Friday at noon and enjoy the rest of the weekend in another area (maybe back to Pittsburgh?!). This family loves their nanny and treats him/her as a welcome addition to their family. They are also open to building a separate full apartment with a kitchen on their property for the nanny and offer a full live-in position. A minivan is available for the nanny to drive during work hours.

YOU: Are a hands-on nanny + house manager, and you’re confident you can take on this amazing family! You’re responsible and reliable, patient, and kind while being organized and proactive. You’re able to wear many hats and can balance work, play, education with snuggles and rest for these sweet kids! A long-term position doesn’t scare you off- you’re hoping to join this family seeking to be a vital and integral part of their family system. Ideally, you’re also open to a live-in option, although this family is very open to considering a live-out option in the Cleveland area and are willing to commit and work together with this fun and loving family as their schedules move and their kids grow.

Pittsburgh, PA | Upper St. Clair *Almost Filled*

Start Date: End of March/Early April

Hours:  *NANNY’S CHOICE!* Any 3 days of the week (more info below); 6:30 AM-5PM. Guaranteed 31.5 Hours 

Children: 2-year-old and a baby due in May
Hourly Rate: $19-20/hour
Pets:  None
Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 2 sick or personal days, all major holidays paid.
Flu Shot Strongly Preferred

WHO: Loving and warm, this precious family of 3 (almost 4!) is preparing to meet their newest addition come May, and would love to bring on a nurturing and interactive nanny to help with their adorable 2-year-old and the new baby! 

WHAT: While trusty grandparents take on 2 days of toddler/baby care, Mom and Dad would love the nanny for 3 days (Your pick of which 3 days! Ideally, the nanny would take a Mon/Fri off). They are seeking an experienced infant nanny, as they anticipate you’ll keep their 2-year-old on her nap schedule and guide the new baby to also create and maintain a schedule. Your primary duties will be these wonderful kids, and things like going on walks to the park, visiting their kid-friendly library, and encouraging fun activities for learning and play will be on the roster. They also ask for assistance with the kid’s laundry and easy-peasy meal prep. They hope you’ll love their babies with cozy cuddles, calm reading time, and spontaneous dance parties! While they are hoping for a minimum of 1-year commitment, ideally you’ll fall in love with these two sweet kiddos and stay on for the long haul. 

YOU: Loving, nurturing, and energetic, you’re a seasoned infant nanny who’s knowledgeable in all things baby and toddler. You can keep up with the curiosities and questions of the 2-year-old, while simultaneously loving on the new baby with love and gentle care. You’re trustworthy and reliable, and able to commit to at least the next year (if not more). If this sounds like YOU, let us know! 

Pittsburgh, PA | Baden/Cranberry 

Start Date: ASAP

Hours: Option 1: 30 Hours/WeekTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 7 AM- 5 PM 
             Option 2: 40 Hours, Full-Time 
Children: 4 Kids; 7, 4, 2, & 2 months old
Hourly Rate: $21-25/hour
Pets:  Trained Service Dog 
Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all major holidays paid.
Flu Shot Required, Updated TDap
WHO: Bustling and loving, this amazing family of 6 is seeking a long-term (think 5+years!) nanny to join in on their on-the-go, well-oiled party bus!  
WHAT: Your top priority will be these 4 kids; You’ll be hands-on at home, using your creative culinary skills to bake fun and yummy kid snacks together, and you’re also a confident swimmer. You enjoy getting outside to play, and you’re willing to pitch in on some light household tasks.
Super well behaved and kind kids are hoping for an active nanny who will keep up with their after-school activities like karate and music lessons, as well as supervise and guide during down-time at home. You’re able to assess, reason, and redirect in the event of minor skirmishes between siblings, and are always open for hugs and cuddles in between! Sweet and calm, these two fabulous parents will provide a nanny car for the to and fro of school drop-off and pick up, and encourage the nanny to seek out fun events and experiences for the kids to get involved in to keep everyone busy and learning!
Spring 2020: You’ll have 3 kids,
Summer: Two oldest kids will be in full-day summer camps, 2 youngest at home
Fall: You’ll be down to 2 kids during the days, as the 7 and 4-year-old will be in full-day school.
This beautiful brood hopes their prospective nanny joins their family for the long haul and quickly becomes grafted in as a loved and cherished member! They sincerely desire to build a respectful and loving relationship with one another and can’t wait to meet you! 
YOU: Active, energetic, and gentle, you are a confident and caring career nanny who’s had experience with multiple kids in his/her care. You’re skilled in organization, an excellent and safe driver, and can easily balance a busy calendar. You exemplify integrity and excellent character, seeking to nurture and grow these 4 children to be kind, loving, and polite little persons. You are also hoping for a long-term position starting ASAP!

Pittsburgh, PA | Regent Square *Almost Filled*

Start Date: ASAP, but open to waiting for the perfect fit!
Hours: January-March, Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM
April-December, Converting to 3 or 4 Day Work Week – Nanny’s choice!
Children: Baby, 10 weeks old
Hourly Rate: $19-22/hour
Pets: None
Paid Vacation: One Week Paid Family’s Choice, One Week Paid Nanny’s Choice, 3 Sick or Personal Days, All Major Holidays
Flu shot required
WHO: Amazing new parents are actively seeking a long-term nanny to join their family and take care of their precious baby boy as Mom goes back to work in early February– we are hoping for their dream gal/guy NOW!
WHAT: Babies bring smiles to everyone’s faces wherever they happen to go, and this one is no exception! Happy, calm, and content, his wonderful parents are hoping for an experienced career nanny who will take him exploring the great outdoors–rain, sun, or snow!– walking about town and to baby activities where he can socialize with others. You’ll also assist with bottle sanitizing, some small errands, and the baby’s laundry. As noted above, the schedule will be changing come March, but these easy-going fun parents promise to work with you to create the perfect rhythm for both you and them. Their hope is to find a long-term nanny who can cover Monday – Friday every January – March while the Grandma’s soak in some sunshine in FL then transition to a 3 or 4 day work week the rest of the year!
YOU: Have a sunny and gentle disposition, value education and good manners, and getting outside to get your heart pumping with fresh air is part of what makes you you! You have immediate availability and are open to working with these parents as the year moves forward, providing the best in stable and consistent childcare. 

Pittsburgh, PA | Cranberry Township

Start Date: ASAP, but open to waiting for the right person

Hours: 8 am – 6 pm; 3 day weekdays per week with preference given to nannies who can help an additional 2 Saturdays per month. Not required.
Children: a new baby boy is set to arrive next week!
Hourly Rate: $20-22/hour
Pets:  1 loveable senior dog
Paid Vacation: Standard. Two weeks paid, personal days, and paid holidays.

Flu shot required

WHO: Down to earth and warm, these two soon-to-be first-time parents excitedly await their new baby and are hoping for a gentle and attentive nanny to assist for 3 days a week. 

WHAT: Their journey to becoming a family of 3 has taken many twists and turns, but Mom and Dad joyfully expect their son at the end of January! They would appreciate someone experienced in infant care, as they anticipate having questions and needing encouragement as they embark on parenthood. They welcome your help and guidance, as well as ask for assistance with the new baby’s laundry and small errands. In the future, they are open to you driving around with their little one to parks and museums, going on walks and getting outside in the fresh air together. While Mom stays at home, they have extended family with health issues that she routinely helps out with that will pull her away; please be flexible to possibly stay later in the event of a family emergency. 

YOU:  Experienced and compassionate, you are very familiar with the newborn/infant stage and are ready to jump on board and help these waiting parents with all you’ve got! You’re cheerful and kind, loving and sincere and have no problem focusing all your attention on the matter at hand… a new, long-awaited for, baby!

Pittsburgh, PA | Southside Flats *Almost Filled*

Start Date: March 2020, but open to the right person starting earlier or later

Hours: 20 – 24 hours guaranteed with the option for more hours some weeks. 
Preference given for hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Flexible hours, but ideally they’d love to find a nanny open to working until 8 or 9 pm two evenings a week.
Children: Two Kids: 3 year old and a baby due in April
Hourly Rate: $20-23/hour
Pets:  2 Small Dogs
Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all major holidays paid.

Up-to-Date on all vaccinations and the Flu Shot; Peanut, Cashew & Cat Allergies

WHO: Adventurous and loving, this family-of-three-soon-to-be-FOUR is seeking a sensitive, gentle and playful nanny to be a mother’s helper! 

WHAT: Mom and Dad are a super sweet, progressive, left-leaning, and hip couple; Dad travels weekly for work and is hoping that the nanny will be a help and encouragement to his lovely wife and adorable daughter! Mom stays at home full time and is hoping that the nanny will be able to see a need/ task and will complete it without being asked. Especially in  her last couple months, you’re the intuitive helper type who will spot her needs and assist without being told. As you get to know and care for their bubbly 3-year old, you’ll find that she LOVES music and dance, going outside to play, and anything that allows her to wiggle her way through the day! They would appreciate your organization and input to seek out fun educational activities and are open to you driving around to museums and Pittsburgh’s pretty parks. They are hoping for someone who takes the initiative and has an eye for detail and tasks without being told as they ask for help with the children’s laundry, meal prep, and household errands. Once the baby arrives, you’ll find ways to allow Mom quality time with her 3 YO; you’ll take on bottle washing duty, diapering, and cuddle time! This family also adores traveling together, and there is an opportunity for you to join them, (although this is not required). A parking pass will be provided for you.  An added bonus for them would be if the nanny spoke Spanish or Italian, however this is also not required. 

YOU: Are a confident and experienced go-getter with a knack for seeing a need and fulfilling it! You’re also , supportive, and loving. You have no problem working side by side with Mom, and thrive off of teamwork and collaboration. As they prepare to welcome their newest addition, they hope that you’re the type of person who finds the calm amidst the storm! 

Pittsburgh, PA | Upper St Clair *Almost Filled*

*Travel Required*

Start Date: ASAP, but open to waiting until early March for the right person

Hours: 40-45 Hours Guaranteed Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 6 PM
Children: 1 year old
Hourly Rate: $20-22/hour, plus $200/month health stipend
Pets:  4 Small Dogs
Paid Vacation: One week paid nanny’s choice, one week paid family’s choice, 3 sick or personal days, all major holidays paid.
WHO: Loving family is seeking a long-term, stellar nanny for their precious one-year-old! This amazing opportunity is great for the adventurous nanny, as traveling to exotic warm spots (like Bora Bora!), relaxing days exploring France, and chilly ski destinations are required… but WOW, who wouldn’t want to join in on that? 
WHAT: This sweet little one has got her days all planned out, and just needs you onboard to walk beside her as she grows! Mom, soft-spoken and kind, works from home but will not interrupt you as you get into your groove and love on her tiny princess. She’s signed up for stimulating activities like gym and music classes, swimming and dancing, and these two great parents will trust you to drive her around and support her in her newest learning endeavors. They hope that when you two are home, you’ll be hands-on with her– you’re engaged in her life and not afraid to play with her on hands and knees for make-believe. Dad and Mom also ask for your help with errands, the toddler’s laundry, and healthy cooking. They hope that you’ll join their family and become just like that… family! 
YOU: Most of all, this sweet family is seeking a nanny who can commit long term to their family while providing lots of love to their sweet girl’s life. You have previous nanny experience, and enjoy cooking! You’re reliable and kind, trustworthy and loving. You’re willing to love their baby like she’s your own, no holds barred. In the future, they would appreciate the occasional date night, hope that you’ll help educate her as she begins her preschool years, and request that you join them on their amazing worldwide vacations (7-10 days at a time). Not required, but any nanny with an early childhood background or who speaks another language will catch this family’s eye!

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